Our Name

What's in a name? Well, hopefully something since we did put a little bit of thought into choosing the name for our church: "Real Life Community Church."

Let's begin at the end. We are a Church; a group of people who believe in Jesus Christ and who want to share the Good News of God's grace with everyone.

We are also a Community, that is to say we value relationships. When we gather together we not only want to know God better, we also want to get to know each other better too. We also use the word "community" in our name because we want to be a vital part of our community. We actively seek out opportunities to serve in our county and in our neighborhoods.

Finally, we have "Real Life." We believe that if faith has any value at all it must be lived out in our day to day, real lives. We tend to think that there is some mystical division between things that are secular and things that are sacred. But if God is truly the God of everything, there really is no division for Him. God is the God of both the natural and the supernatural, the ordinary and the extraordinary.

We also use "Real Life" because we believe that the reason Jesus came to earth was to offer "Real Life" as a gift to everyone. Real Life is a New Life through Christ, an Empowered Life through the Holy Spirit, a Servant Life as we imitate Jesus, and an Abundant Life as we experience the full blessings of God the Father.

So that's who we are; Real Life Community Church.