Scrip Orders

Scrip is a great program that allows you to support the ministries of Real Life Community Church simply by shopping for the things you already buy. Here's how it works. You purchase gift cards from stores, restaurants, and other businesses where you want to shop. These gift cards cost you the regular face-value. In other words, you pay $25 for a $25 gift card. However, the businesses donate a percentage of the purchase to us. The average percentage is about 6%, but some stores offer up to 14% or more!

To get a sense of how many businesses participate in Scrtip you can visit and simply browse. You'll notice that there are three types of Scrip that are offered. The first is a standard, single use, plastic gift card that must be ordered and mailed. The second are gift cards that can be reloaded with funds by you directly using the PrestoPay* system. The third are electronic, or eScrip cards that you may purchase online using PrestoPay* and can instantly use.

*PrestoPay is the auto-pay program that Scrip uses to allow you to directy purchase Scrip by debiting your bank account.

To get started using Scrip, you may either visit and create an account, or you can print out the order form below, and then bring the form and a check for the total purchase to church with you.  If you create an account with Scrip be sure to specify Real Life Community Church of Harford County as the non-profit organization you wish to support.

Thanks in advance for using Scrip to bless our church ministries!

Scrip Order Form

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Scrip Order Form